Sorry for the long delay, but darn life sure does happen when you’re not looking.  I got a little carried away with the original design process and realized that my first draft was way too big, too complicated, and way too many stitches for most folks to want to try out.  I removed the outer circle and changed the last circle to a simple satin stitch to get the stitch count down to under 9,000 stitches (design on the left) and 10,000 (design on the right).  I really want you to stitch this and if it’s 40,000 stitches, you probably will take a pass.  I like the look of the stitched version and hope you will too.

Now, the design has many possibilities.  While you are watching the design stitch out, you will notice that the internal design would be great by itself on a quilt block or a jacket.  Remember you don’t have to stitch the whole design.  You decide just how much you want / like and go for it. 

Please email me pictures so I can see what you come up with!

The pictures above are of my stitch out samples.  I used a cut-away stablizer.  The fabric is 100 percent cotton.  Check out how different it looks just because of the thread color change.  You are the designer so make it yours by choosing whatever color YOU want.  :)   Click on the link below to access the design files.  Please let me know if you have any problems downloading the designs.

Okay, I’m nearly done with the design that you will soon be able to download and stitch.  There will be several sizes and versions of the design available so that regardless of what size embroidery hoop you have, you will be able to stitch and learn.




The first ‘very basic’ embroidery software demonstration is done, and I must apologize that the sound and my mouth do not match — oh my!  The video was done on my camera because I don’t own a digital camcorder yet. 

Perhaps Santa will bring me one if I’m a very good girl.



I’m in the planning stages of developing mini tutorials to answer basic questions on embroidery and digitizing.  My goal for these is to spur you on to further exploring and continued education.  I cannot stress how important it is to obtain as much education on your software as you are able to.  The more you know and more comfortable you become, the more enjoyment you will achieve.  Don’t forget to also become intimate with your embroidery machine too.  You, your software, and your embroidery machine must all dance to the same tune or you’ll be booted off the dance floor pretty quickly!


My equipment both hardware and software is commercial because I do embroidery for a living, but I also own a Bernina sewing/embroidery machine.  Because these tutes are meant for home users, I will demonstrate on my Bernina instead of my commercial embroidery machine.  My Bernina’s embroidery module has never seen the light of day.  It’s hard to go to 1 needle when you’re used to 15!  J 


Where to start is the most difficult part.  I’ve decided to start on the software side and then gradually move to the hardware side.  I hope you find these beneficial and that my love of embroidery will come through and encourage you to not only do more embroidery but also to teach another person this wonderful art form.So BATTER UP and get your software manual out.  We’ll be up to the box soon!