Oh no — what have I become?  Me?  The person who loves quilts but leans more toward free form artistic quilts.  I love the look of traditional quilts but don’t normally find myself making lots of them…..well — until now.  On my way out the door of my local quilt store, I caught a glimpse of an unfinished quilt top.  The geometric designs jumped out at me and pulled my hand right off the door knob and back into the store.  I literally sat down on the floor and silently studied the little blocks.  The colors of the blocks were quiet and subdued and really didn’t need anything else because the designs were enough to stop any dedicated quilter in his/her tracks.  Obviously by now the store owner spied me and came over to give more information (read — set the hook firmly into my mouth)!  LOL  :)   I really didn’t need much encouragement and purchased the book called Dear Jane and began my search to find out as much as possible about these tiny treasures.

First, I’m only one of many people who have gotten the hook because finding information on the internet was fantastic and easy.  In fact, I spent a great deal of time just reading other blogs about the Jane adventures of what seems like thousands and thousands of other people.  Isn’t the internet grand!

First mistake — Don’t start with J7.  It has 41 pieces.  Okay, I’m not normal and must actually thrive on pain.  Of course now that it’s done, it wasn’t as hard as I guess I felt at the time, but I still wouldn’t recommend others following in my path.  The positive side is that the next three blocks seemed really easy, and I actually enjoyed making each one.  It’s amazing how much prep time it takes to even get to the point of sewing one of these babies.  I’ve decided to not keep track of the prep time, only the sewing time and it’s really only for me to see if I’m improving.

I’m hand sewing each of them because it just feels good and these are great take-along projects.  I’ve imagined what it must have been like for Ms. Stickle back in 1868.  I wish I could speak with her and ask her about some of the blocks and what inspired her to create some of them.  I’d also like to ask her whether a nip of Whiskey was partaken before designing a few too!  Seriously, what was she thinking on some of those itty, bitty pieces.

So my own Dear Jane adventure has begun and I’m proud to add one more blog for others to read as I continue making these small gems.  My colors are white on white background and black/white fabrics for the rest.  Maybe I have even tempted you to begin your own journey and if I have, please allow me to welcome you to the fold!  Do you think Ms. Stickle is smiling down from Heaven knowing that one more person has been smitten with her creation?  I like to think so.