Oh wow… how I love to hate technology!  My new HD video camera is awesome but I’ve been procrastinating because the software that came with it is a….. how do I say it politely …. okay it’s crap, just plain crap.  But hey, they did throw it in the package for free.  LOL

I tried a few downloads that offered free for 30 days.  The first one was okay but slow in converting my native file and it really didn’t have much for editing.  The second program is great but there will be more of a learning curve.  I’m not able to do everything in the free version like adding music.  Once I buy it, I believe those sections will be unlocked. 

My video was toooooo long (over 20 minutes).  Okay, I get a little carried away talking about embroidery, and I am a talkative gal.  Add the two together and well, grab a nice cup of warm tea and turn up the volume.  This next tutorial is in 3 sections so you don’t have to sit still for the whole tute if you are short on time.   Sorry about the abrupt start/stops.  I will get better — promise!  Actually, I need to not go over 10 minutes so I don’t have to trim!!!

Please let me know what you think and what else you would like to know.  I’m trying to touch on a lot of different items to get you properly prepared. 

Part 1 of 3

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Part 3 of 3