A while back I received an email from AccuQuilt announcing it’s barn quilt contest.  I kept the email thinking what a fun contest it was but not really giving it much more thought.  I was outside working/painting the chicken coop and had been thinking of a fun design to add to it when I remembered the email about the contest.  That was enough incentive to get me to playing, measuring, and thinking of colors.  The instructions said that the block must be colorful so I pushed myself to go BOLD

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it rained, and rained, and rained some more.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it before the deadline.  So, out in the rain I went with pencil and ruler in hand to draw my design.  Drawing on a vertical surface is not as simple as I had envisioned it would be.  Of course, my coop isn’t made with finely sanded wood so going over bumps and imperfections in the wood added to the difficulty of getting straight lines, but I endured and ignored all but the worst of the rain.  I drew one day then quit.  Next day I realized I couldn’t really see my lines very well so I went over all of them again with tracing paper.  Okay, so tracing paper doesn’t work great either but at least I could see the lines better.  Next day I painted one section and then had to quit so that it would dry before doing the next section.  All the while, it rained which made the drying s.l.o.w.  Thankfully on a Sunday I got a weather break and painted and painted and painted.  I thought I was done when I found a black paint pen and wondered what the design would look like if I went around each block with the black…….  This was scary because if it looked awful, I wouldn’t have enough time to repaint the areas before the deadline ended.  I asked hubby what he thought and he pushed me to do it so I did.  The result I think is much better and more like leading in a stain glass piece.  I love it, hubby loves it, and I think if my girls could speak, they would nod in agreement too.

Soon, they will be able to play in the yard as they are getting much bigger and the hawks won’t be able to grab them.  I think the Mariners Star is the perfect evening guide to welcome them in each night.

I didn’t win the contest but sure had a great time creating my very own Barn Quilt.


And the full view!

House full viewb