Sometimes you just need a little break and something quick to make to stir your creative soul and just make you smile.  Today, I endulged myself by making a pear pincushion using Heather Bailey’s “fresh picked pincushions” pattern.  If you are not familiar with this pattern, you should check it out.  There are a number of fruits to make (pear, strawberries (two sizes), apple, and a tomato), which is technically a fruit and a veggie.  :)

I added sand so that the pear would stay where I wanted it and I think it added more dimension to it.


I love giving gifts.  I would much rather give than receive.  I have one slight problem however.  And, actually it is a pretty big one because while I love giving gifts, I can’t stand the anticipation.  

I can feel your thoughts:  “what anticipation JoJo?”  Well, the anticipation of the person who is receiving it, getting it, opening it, enjoying it, etc., etc., etc.   It’s horrible for me and everyone who knows and loves me knows my horrible little secret.  Christmas is most painful for me.  I will work for months diligently on a present for a person, wrap it lovingly, tuck it under the tree, take a picture of it under the tree, and then 15 minutes later give it to the person.  It doesn’t matter that it is still 3 weeks away from Christmas.  I can’t stand the anticipation!  I want the person to have it and begin enjoying it NOW not later. 

Oh well, I guess that isn’t too bad of a problem.  I really do try to wait — really I do.   Today, I’m bursting at the seams for a special person to receive my most recent creation.  Hopefully, she will get it in the mail today.  Now, if only I could sneak a camera into her house so I could watch her open it!  Hurry postman hurry…  Oh yeah, I gotta get another one in the mail today for another special lady.  Two presents in the same week — Ahhhh, it’s killing me.  :)


Before you think I’ve gone completely crazy with animal homesteading, the geese in our house are of the fabric kind.  I am sooooooooooo close to finishing this quilt top that I can now officially taste victory!  My points came out so perfectly too.  I used the new to me Flying Geese x 4 ‘No Math’ ruler made by Lazy Girl Designs.  I love this ruler and will never go back to the way I used to make flying geese units.  UPDATE:  Here’s a video link where you can learn about the ruler I used —   


Next, how about a little kitchen crafting.  How many of you use the plastic scrubbies to clean your pots and pans?  I really like them because they don’t scratch but they aren’t the most pretty and lack the needed styling for quilters.  I mean you need style in every room right!  Well, now you can make your own scrubbies!


Pretty cool, huh!  This is my first one and I learned that I need to cast off much looser so it lays nice and flat.  I love the look and feel of it and plan on making several more so I always have a clean one.  I knit mine but I’m sure you can also crochet one if that’s your favorite method.  Here’s the blog that got me started on making them.  She has great photos  – 

I must admit to NOT cutting the tulle like she did.  I found it too slow.  I used my rotary cutter and ruler and it went very fast.  I also only cast on 14 stitches so the scrubby would fit in the palm of my hand.  It fits down inside a coffee cup and tea glass very well if you need to do some extra scrubbing. 

Items Needed:

No. 9 knitting needles
1 skein of yarn
Tulle – the roughest one you can find (I bought a half yard to play with — it’s cheap)


I love the yellow tulle with the yarn.  Have fun making these they are quite fast to do.

Work is busy and I’m nearly finished with the first half of the soccer order.  I’ve got peaches waiting for me to give them their preserve makeover later today.  YUM.

Oh, and here’s my sleepy assistant all snug in my (I mean HIS) office chair.  There’s no room for me on there!