I am dedicating this online autobiography to my husband, Tracy, who has always been my biggest supporter and who has the biggest heart and love for all things I have created and am creating.
You are my rock, my joy, and my inspiration.  I love you.


Notice that I did not use the plural word quilts in the title of the post.  I have two borders left, and I will have successfully finished the top of a quilt that I have been working on for over 23 years.  Those prolific quilters out there (they know who they are) will be gasping in unbelief I’m sure.  Even I this year felt uneasy at telling anyone that I actually was still working on a quilt for that long. 

If you are interested in my journey and don’t mind reading my online novel of my life through the piecing of a quilt, I’ll try my best to faithfully remember all the special moments during these many years.  This may take a while and hopefully you and I won’t become bored and quit before we cross the finish line.  My goal is to have something new to read every day.  This will help me get to the next phase which I’m longing for — quilting the quilt.  But before I get too far ahead of myself — I thought I should name this quilt.

After all, I have really been “Piecing through the Decades” and figured this would be as good a name as any for the title to this special quilt/my life.

Part 1:  Before the Piecing through the Decades’ Quilt