Okay, she got it so now I can post a picture of a TQS badge that I made for Peggy (Weaver49).  I had so much fun making this and hope showing a picture will inspire all of you that have the digitized file to actually stitch it out and don’t forget to add either your real name or your TQS screen name.  After all, I want to be able to spot you, recognize your name and come give you a hug!  I’m sure there are many others out there looking for you too.

Here’s the front and my thoughts as I’m doing each section.  She likes purple so I’m looking for thread to coordinate with light purple and dark purple to stitch it in.  I stitched it in the larger size because she asked for her screen name to be included.   At first, I was going to add a pin to the back but being nearly 4 inches by 4 inches is a pretty darn big pin so instead I added a satin rope so she could wear it around her neck.  Hmmm…how to attach the satin rope.   I’m thinking about that at the same time I’m thinking it really should have a back.  Since it is a badge, I added several layers of thick stablizer to the inside to keep it flat.  I’m searching in my stash — sitting cross legged on the floor when I spyed lone blocks.  You know those blocks that you try out techniques to see if you like it and for whatever reason they never get used in a project.  Of course, you can’t throw them out because WHAT IF!!!  I kept looking until I found one with colors that could go fairly well with the front.  Now, since I didn’t pre-think this whole process out before I started, I made it difficult on myself.  Because I had added all those layers of stablizer, the badge was exactly like I wanted it — STIFF.  Now, I’m wanting to add a back and turn it inside out — yeah right oh baby!  I managed to do it but if you plan on adding a back, don’t add the stablizer.  Instead, add something after you have turned the piece. 


Okay, the back is on and the satin rope has been stitched on.  The edges look good, and I smile thinking cool — looks good and I’m done.  Then I’m admiring the front thinking hmmmmm…. wonder what crystals would look like added.  Let’s see, I have light green crystals and purple crystals and even a color called sunrise for the middle.  I’ll add the middle one just to see what it looks like.  Yeah, I like that.  Okay, maybe a few more around the edges, and many, many minutes later I stop and think.  NICE, now that’s adding some Bling.  Of course, I love bling and forget that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for SPARKLE.  I keep my fingers crossed Peg likes it and she says she does and plans to wear it at a TQS taping next month.  Oh, if only I could wiggle into her suitcase and go too!

Oh before I forget — here’s the back and a one more picture.