radio shows

I was born way back when things were pretty simple.   The radio ruled in our home, and I loved listening to the mystery series that would come on nightly.  Our radio had a light that glowed, and I would stare at that light while my brain envisioned all of the pictures the ‘man in the radio’ described.  I’m positive that my imagination was way better than it could possibly have been because I have an avid imagination.  I think I was 7 years old before we had a TV in our house, and my dad had me convinced that there were little people in the back of the TV.  I was amazed and wanted to pry open the back to get a peak at them.  I still can’t believe I believed him, but parents can get their kids to believe the silliest things. 

My mother did not quilt but she loved to crochet.  Crocheting was her thing and she made beautiful Barbie dresses.  They were elaborate and finely detailed.  My first experience with sewing on a sewing machine didn’t arrive until Home Economics’ class in grade school.  I can still remember the wonder and excitement I had the first time I laid eyes on that machine.  The teacher made us all sew for weeks on lined paper with no thread,  and only after you mastered staying on the gridded lines could you graduate to being able to use real thread!  It took me longer to graduate than the other girls in the class because I wanted to sew on the lines and down the center of the lines.  The teacher was ‘not’ amused.  Finally, I graduated and got to choose my first sewing project.  It was a blouse, and of course I chose a pattern way to advanced for my skills, and the outcome left me disappointed but determined to get better.  I fell in love with the sewing machine and all of the possibilities of ‘what if’ at a very tender age.  My love has grown stronger throughout the years as my experience in life and sewing has grown.

Sewing was an important part of my life all through school and beyond into adult life.  I can’t say I remember why or exactly when I wanted to make my first quilt, only that I did make one.  No classes, no pattern, and with no experience I plowed into that quilt like it needed to be beaten into submission.  My attempts were feeble at best but I adored that quilt and used it until it couldn’t be used any more.  I sure wish I had a picture of those early creations.

I was a young adult who needed to find employment, and life got intensely more exciting when I packed up everything I owned in an old station wagon and moved out west to Colorado.  Okay, I was young and didn’t own hardly anything so it wasn’t hard to fit everything in a station wagon.  Colorado is a beautiful state and was very different from where I grew up.  Imagine this in your mind – farm girl from Kentucky meets city folks (that have no southern accent) in big city.  It was a shock to my system and I know folks wondered what truck I fell off of, but I loved it and it didn’t take long to get my feet firmly planted in and get comfortable.  I met my husband soon afterwards in Colorado.  And if this doesn’t show you how fate really does happen when you least expect it.  My husband whom I met in Colorado is from Kentucky also.  Okay, so he’s from a big city in Kentucky but still he’s from Kentucky.  Is that fate or what! 

My next quilting adventure came after we were married.  This time I used big blocks of colored fabric and proceeded to sew them all back together to make a quilt.  Still not enough experience, still no classes, but lots of gumption!  This time I did manage to go into a store that sold fabric (they sold other things too) and purchased batting.  And oh what wonderful batting I chose.  I think it was 3 inches thick and I thought it was perfect until I put the top, the batting, and the back on the floor and wondered how in the heck I was going to attach it all together.  It was soooooo darn thick.  I was so green and really didn’t have a clue, but after a little bit of thinking, I decided to tie it together with floss.  I still remember spending a day on the floor tying that quilt.  I was so darn proud of that quilt though and believe it or not, we still have it and it is still being used.  It’s funny because we both laugh thinking about how much that quilt has been through.  Our dog Dillan swears it has always been his quilt and won’t go to sleep unless it’s on the foot of the bed.

One of the fond things I remember of being young and newly married is that my husband and I got to live in many different states.  His job moved us from state to state about every 3 to 5 years.  Most people wouldn’t find this to be a fond memory but we loved it.  Our wandering hearts loved adventure, and it was so fun to see new places, meet new people, and learn new cities.  I did not relish getting a new drivers license each time though!  I still wish I could have just added one more sticker or something to my license.  Kind of like a badge of honor showing all of the states we’ve lived in.  Oh well. 

Several states later we landed in California and for the first time ever I was totally freaked out.   We had just moved to Southern California from Utah.  Utah is nothing like California and People from Utah act nothing like people from California.  California to me was harried, the people hurry from place to place and it takes forever to get from one place to another and, at the time, housing was ‘off the chart’ expensive.  I was lucky to be able to see two rental units a day and even luckier if the landlord actually showed up to show the available unit.  I was saved by my husband thankfully because he came to the rescue, and took the next flight to CA to help me find a place to live and get our belongings situated.  We started falling in love with California soon afterwards.  We ended up living fairly close to the ocean and could surf fish whenever we had time.  Tracy always brought home a seafood dinner. 

I grew up in a home where God wasn’t spoken of or about.  My father was Catholic and my mom Methodist and I suppose they decided to not foster any belief system on me.  As a child, I got to attend any of my friends’ churches and learn about many different religions.  No one religion ever stuck, but God was always with me.  I know this because I have felt His presence and guiding even before I really knew Him.  It wasn’t until we lived in California that I found God however.  He of course always knew me and where I was but I was slower in hearing His calling until my young adult years.  I gave my life to Him in California and was baptized in the ocean.  It was beyond words wonderful and my life today is still His even though I continue to struggle and grow to be the daughter He has envisioned for me.

Each week I attended church and would pass by a quilt store called Peacemakers.  I looked at it each time and thought I must come back during the week and go in.  Finally, I made time to step inside the quilt store and that is the place that started my love affair of real quilt making.  I must have looked like a doe staring at the headlights of a car because a very nice lady came over to me and asked if she could help me.  Help me?  Yes, please, I would like to make a nice quilt….a quilt like those on the walls.  I still remember her smile as she helped me look over different classes on beginning quilting until I chose the one that would start the next chapter in my life and continue on through years of hope, love, and challenges.  The Quilting through the Decades quilt (”QTTD quilt”) was on the verge of becoming. 

Part 2:  Foundations.