Well, I’ve learned that it’s easier to allow the girls to roam than it is trying to keep them in a specific area.  My dear Chloe is the escape artist and once she’s figured it out, everyone follows.  The good thing about living in the same place for nearly 20 years is that the garden, shrubs, and lawn all look nearly 20 years old.  And that is a good thing when you have free range chickens.  Now that I’ve given up on keeping them where I want them, they munch on a lot of different things and not just a specific thing.  Think of it as organic pruning and you can watch, drink your ice tea, and never break a sweat.  Add in the additional bonus of free fertilizer and well, I’m much more relaxed about the whole thing now.

Imagine my surprise when my husband noticed that we were being watched through the back door!  Seriously, they will just all sit outside the back door and stare at us through the glass.  I wonder if we are their TV???  It’s just too funny when you have that feeling that you are being watched and you ARE!  Sorry for the blurry picture but I had to try and capture Sam looking in at us.  So far no accidents on my back mat thankfully!


They just meander whereever their hearts desire as you can see from the following photos.  I followed them as they explored the path around the back of the house.  This is a new area for them and they now have no fear of any part of the yard.





And that is Phoebe’s butt sticking out of the grove!


 And today when I went out to let the girls out, I found an EGG!!!  My first egg and I screamed with joy.  It was so darn cute and small that I just had to share it with all of you.  I’m not sure who had it but it had to be Rosy or Phoebe because it is a nice light brown egg.  Chloe should have a green or blue egg.

Before I post a picture of the egg, yesterday we found Sam a good home with a young family that lives on a farm.  They have MANY girls for Sam to take care of and lots of room with no close neighbors to be bothered by his crowing…. I mean singing at all hours of the day and early morning.  She fell in love with him as soon as she saw him.  He is a specimen of a Rooster for sure.  We know we did the right thing because of getting our first egg today.  Sam really wouldn’t allow the girls to have any peace.  He needs many women in his life!

And without further delay — THE EGG.


And for comparison, here is a store bought white egg beside it.  Isn’t my little egg just too cute.  :)