Hi and thank you for wanting to know more about me. My name is JoJo and I love thread and the possibilities of what thread can become.

So whether thread becomes an embroidery design for a corporate customer, a recreation of a child’s drawing, or a combination of thread and rhinestones, I never tire of playing with it and pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with something as simple as needles and thread. Lately, I’ve been drawn to combine thread with other mediums to create unique pieces. An example of this may be the name of a business in thread and the actual logo created from rhinestones or possibly even a vinyl process. Another very popular process has been recreating new items to look vintage. It’s funny that the old is now the new again.

My husband of 28 years and I love the outdoors and vacationing anywhere the sun shines for most of the day. And in case you are not familiar with Oregon, the winter months seem even longer because of the lack of sun. Come April of each year, we start getting really antsy and must take a short trip somewhere (anywhere actually) where we can soak up some well needed sunshine. We are owned by one very loving malti-poo. He is the ultimate child and nearly always has a smile plastered on his face. Unfortunately, he is also the world’s worst car traveler but like most animal parents, we brave the noise and take him with us whenever we can.

Please stop by often and if you would please leave a comment if something grabs at you.