Okay, she got it so now I can post a picture of a TQS badge that I made for Peggy (Weaver49).  I had so much fun making this and hope showing a picture will inspire all of you that have the digitized file to actually stitch it out and don’t forget to add either your real name or your TQS screen name.  After all, I want to be able to spot you, recognize your name and come give you a hug!  I’m sure there are many others out there looking for you too.

Here’s the front and my thoughts as I’m doing each section.  She likes purple so I’m looking for thread to coordinate with light purple and dark purple to stitch it in.  I stitched it in the larger size because she asked for her screen name to be included.   At first, I was going to add a pin to the back but being nearly 4 inches by 4 inches is a pretty darn big pin so instead I added a satin rope so she could wear it around her neck.  Hmmm…how to attach the satin rope.   I’m thinking about that at the same time I’m thinking it really should have a back.  Since it is a badge, I added several layers of thick stablizer to the inside to keep it flat.  I’m searching in my stash — sitting cross legged on the floor when I spyed lone blocks.  You know those blocks that you try out techniques to see if you like it and for whatever reason they never get used in a project.  Of course, you can’t throw them out because WHAT IF!!!  I kept looking until I found one with colors that could go fairly well with the front.  Now, since I didn’t pre-think this whole process out before I started, I made it difficult on myself.  Because I had added all those layers of stablizer, the badge was exactly like I wanted it — STIFF.  Now, I’m wanting to add a back and turn it inside out — yeah right oh baby!  I managed to do it but if you plan on adding a back, don’t add the stablizer.  Instead, add something after you have turned the piece. 


Okay, the back is on and the satin rope has been stitched on.  The edges look good, and I smile thinking cool — looks good and I’m done.  Then I’m admiring the front thinking hmmmmm…. wonder what crystals would look like added.  Let’s see, I have light green crystals and purple crystals and even a color called sunrise for the middle.  I’ll add the middle one just to see what it looks like.  Yeah, I like that.  Okay, maybe a few more around the edges, and many, many minutes later I stop and think.  NICE, now that’s adding some Bling.  Of course, I love bling and forget that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for SPARKLE.  I keep my fingers crossed Peg likes it and she says she does and plans to wear it at a TQS taping next month.  Oh, if only I could wiggle into her suitcase and go too!

Oh before I forget — here’s the back and a one more picture.



I love giving gifts.  I would much rather give than receive.  I have one slight problem however.  And, actually it is a pretty big one because while I love giving gifts, I can’t stand the anticipation.  

I can feel your thoughts:  “what anticipation JoJo?”  Well, the anticipation of the person who is receiving it, getting it, opening it, enjoying it, etc., etc., etc.   It’s horrible for me and everyone who knows and loves me knows my horrible little secret.  Christmas is most painful for me.  I will work for months diligently on a present for a person, wrap it lovingly, tuck it under the tree, take a picture of it under the tree, and then 15 minutes later give it to the person.  It doesn’t matter that it is still 3 weeks away from Christmas.  I can’t stand the anticipation!  I want the person to have it and begin enjoying it NOW not later. 

Oh well, I guess that isn’t too bad of a problem.  I really do try to wait — really I do.   Today, I’m bursting at the seams for a special person to receive my most recent creation.  Hopefully, she will get it in the mail today.  Now, if only I could sneak a camera into her house so I could watch her open it!  Hurry postman hurry…  Oh yeah, I gotta get another one in the mail today for another special lady.  Two presents in the same week — Ahhhh, it’s killing me.  :)


How important is a pinkie finger?  I mean after all — it only a pinkie finger: smaller than the rest, not as strong, kind of lazy I guess.  Well, let me tell you that a pinkie is very important and how would I know you ask?  Well, I have a pinkie injury and found out first hand that a pinkie finger actually is an underappreciated digit.  I’ve learned that she may be small, but she is mighty or should I say was mighty.

Here’s she is without her splint.  She actually is looking so much better today.  She’s trying to heal herself up quickly because she knows how much I love her and appreciate her now. 


Have you ever done something stupid or just plain silly and injured yourself?  Post your injury and how it happened, and you may be the lucky winner of a homemade bar of soap (I get to pick for you)!  Winner will be posted on Sunday, August 1.

And, my injury happened in the kitchen.  No, I wasn’t making soap.  No, I wasn’t even cooking a grand dinner.  What was I doing you ask?  Well, I was simply opening a cabinet when my pinkie snuck behind the door knob on the cabinet and when I went to close the cabinet, turn around and get ice, my body went one way, but my pinkie stayed with the cabinet!  Ouch….

Thought you might enjoy pictures of my latest soaps.  These big bars are $5 if purchased individually or $4.50 if purchased in lots of 3 so why not pick 3 and save 50 cents a bar!  Are you out of state?  No problem, I can ship several bars in a priority flat rate box for only $4.95.  Are you out of the country?  E-mail me and I will let you know the shipping costs.

Country Kitchen – This is a great kitchen bar to help rid onion/garlic odors from hands.  Good body bar too if you can talk your spouse into washing you back with it!  (Enjoy the aroma of rich creamy vanilla with a touch of fresh ground cinnamon sticks.  Real Oatmeal added. 


Shea Butter Supreme:   (available scented and natural)  I love this bar for my face and hair.  Yep, I rarely use the store bought detergents available for any part of me.


And, my newest bar of Lavender/Mint!  Oh, the scents of lavender and mint in this bar is intoxicating.  The top of the bar is lavender and the bottom is mint.


Before you think I’ve gone completely crazy with animal homesteading, the geese in our house are of the fabric kind.  I am sooooooooooo close to finishing this quilt top that I can now officially taste victory!  My points came out so perfectly too.  I used the new to me Flying Geese x 4 ‘No Math’ ruler made by Lazy Girl Designs.  I love this ruler and will never go back to the way I used to make flying geese units.  UPDATE:  Here’s a video link where you can learn about the ruler I used — http://tinyurl.com/2b3qmyh.   


Next, how about a little kitchen crafting.  How many of you use the plastic scrubbies to clean your pots and pans?  I really like them because they don’t scratch but they aren’t the most pretty and lack the needed styling for quilters.  I mean you need style in every room right!  Well, now you can make your own scrubbies!


Pretty cool, huh!  This is my first one and I learned that I need to cast off much looser so it lays nice and flat.  I love the look and feel of it and plan on making several more so I always have a clean one.  I knit mine but I’m sure you can also crochet one if that’s your favorite method.  Here’s the blog that got me started on making them.  She has great photos  –  http://tinyurl.com/67vjcd 

I must admit to NOT cutting the tulle like she did.  I found it too slow.  I used my rotary cutter and ruler and it went very fast.  I also only cast on 14 stitches so the scrubby would fit in the palm of my hand.  It fits down inside a coffee cup and tea glass very well if you need to do some extra scrubbing. 

Items Needed:

No. 9 knitting needles
1 skein of yarn
Tulle – the roughest one you can find (I bought a half yard to play with — it’s cheap)


I love the yellow tulle with the yarn.  Have fun making these they are quite fast to do.

Work is busy and I’m nearly finished with the first half of the soccer order.  I’ve got peaches waiting for me to give them their preserve makeover later today.  YUM.

Oh, and here’s my sleepy assistant all snug in my (I mean HIS) office chair.  There’s no room for me on there!


Here she is — our tiny little sprite.  Tiny stripes down her back was how we kept track of her.


And, we watched her grow into a beautiful, young lady:


 We love her friendliness.  She is always the first to come running to us hoping we are bringing her favorite treat of yummy bread.  And she continued to grow and become even more beautiful…more beautiful than all the other hens in the kingdom.

DSC01969 She even stands a little taller than the others:


And then this weekend I was awakened by our dear, sweet Sadie.  I didn’t know it was Sadie at first.  I grabbed my robe and crept down the stairs and peered out the window.  My eyes were still blurry from sleep — after all it was only 5:30 a.m.  I couldn’t quite make out where the sound was coming from.  I went out back pulling my robe tighter trying to hide from the coolness of the morning.   AND then, she did it again — she CROWED in my face.  I jumped and nearly fell backwards.  Have you ever been right next to a rooster when he decided to belt one out?  It was clear and loud.  I immediately opened up the coop to let everyone out for the day hoping this would appease Sadie until it was at least later in the morning.  She (I mean he) was pretty good and only intermittently shared his new found voice with us.  I could see how proud he was in his new found stance in the house and how the girls followed him around all morning. 

Our Sadie has offically been renamed SAM.  Do you think it will take long before he recognizes his new name?  Nah…I think he knew all along and was wondering how much longer it would take us before we figured it out. 


 Now, Phoebe on the other hand thinks all the commotion over Sam was highly overrated.  Her thoughts are that entirely too much attention was given to Sam when really the most important thing is her and her needs and seriously ‘everyone knows’ (at least in her mind) that she has always been the most beautiful girl in the house and it’s all about the eggs mister!  Right!  I can see her point — can’t you?


A while back I received an email from AccuQuilt announcing it’s barn quilt contest.  I kept the email thinking what a fun contest it was but not really giving it much more thought.  I was outside working/painting the chicken coop and had been thinking of a fun design to add to it when I remembered the email about the contest.  That was enough incentive to get me to playing, measuring, and thinking of colors.  The instructions said that the block must be colorful so I pushed myself to go BOLD

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it rained, and rained, and rained some more.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it before the deadline.  So, out in the rain I went with pencil and ruler in hand to draw my design.  Drawing on a vertical surface is not as simple as I had envisioned it would be.  Of course, my coop isn’t made with finely sanded wood so going over bumps and imperfections in the wood added to the difficulty of getting straight lines, but I endured and ignored all but the worst of the rain.  I drew one day then quit.  Next day I realized I couldn’t really see my lines very well so I went over all of them again with tracing paper.  Okay, so tracing paper doesn’t work great either but at least I could see the lines better.  Next day I painted one section and then had to quit so that it would dry before doing the next section.  All the while, it rained which made the drying s.l.o.w.  Thankfully on a Sunday I got a weather break and painted and painted and painted.  I thought I was done when I found a black paint pen and wondered what the design would look like if I went around each block with the black…….  This was scary because if it looked awful, I wouldn’t have enough time to repaint the areas before the deadline ended.  I asked hubby what he thought and he pushed me to do it so I did.  The result I think is much better and more like leading in a stain glass piece.  I love it, hubby loves it, and I think if my girls could speak, they would nod in agreement too.

Soon, they will be able to play in the yard as they are getting much bigger and the hawks won’t be able to grab them.  I think the Mariners Star is the perfect evening guide to welcome them in each night.

I didn’t win the contest but sure had a great time creating my very own Barn Quilt.


And the full view!

House full viewb

My babies have grown into big girls now and as you can see they all four love to all get in the nest box together. They are joyful to watch and make me laugh out loud with their playfulness.

Proud Girls in their houseb

I attended the Clark County Quilt Show today and was finally able to meet Terry Knott (aka quilting00). I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to spot her but found her right away in her white gloves at the beginning of the show waiting to assist folks who wanted to take a peak behind quilts. I felt like we were old friends being that we’ve corresponded so much at The Quilt Show. Thank you Terry so showing me around and inviting me to join your guild. I went to join up front and realized that I had used my last check! I’ve never belonged to a guild before and am looking forward to joining at next Thursday’s meeting.

The quilt show was fantastic, and I had a great time looking at all of the awesome quilts. Everyone I met was so friendly that several hours slipped by quickly.

Below is a slideshow of just a few of the beautiful quilts. Terry — oops — I somehow missed taking a picture of the printout on who made the big duck quilt!

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Whoopie — check out our real feathers on our wings!


Chloe is showing off her pretty wing feathers by flapping — or is she dreaming of flying!   


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